Find me cars, let me find them a good home and let's get some beers with your commission fee


Both eyes on the market all day, checking ads every hours, advertising everywhere, a quick look on every barns, always looking under the car covers in any parking, interested in any flat tyres cars, found in love with rust & dust a long time ago, opening any bonnet in any workshop, calling every interesting add, listening carefully to any old good barnfind story, never judging a book by its cover, spending minutes looking a picture, spending hour on the phone for any reason, hundred bucks squandered on tickets to visit immaculates rustfree  one owner uncomplete rusty buckets without paperwork, and driving thousands miles a month to locate good cars.
So I got my hands on many cars, and won’t never be able to buy them all.

Be smart, don’t push me, be fast, accept to buy on pictures, be safe with money, wire my commission fee with a smile, bring your trailer, don’t call back for a mirror missing, drop a line from weeks to weeks to keep me posted on work carried out, put me first in line when it’s back for sale, make some money up to buy more cars from me.


Personnal investigator


Let me know what you are looking for, send what you declined and explain why, tell me precisly what you have in mind and what you doubt about, give me you’re real budget and timing, let me send you first what I found before it’s listed here and let’s find you something you wouldn’t have catch yourself.


Buying & selling car seven days a week helps sometimes understanding this particular classic car market. Sometimes. Take your eyes off a model for few weeks, and be prepared to get lost when you’re back on it. Again, my advices are my vision. We can share ideas, but all this business in very subjective.

Race Ready


Upon request & depending on timing, I can visit all cars listed here at costs, unless they’re listed as “seen & checked” so I can put my words on my eyes did see.
I’ve been buying hundred of classics cars for the lasts ten years, so I can give a hand but won’t means I was born inside the engine of the inspected car.

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